Brad Stevens


Intervista a Brad Stevens (Febbraio 2010)

Brad Stevens biografo ufficiale di Abel Ferrara e autore del volume ABEL FERRARA: THE MORALVISION, edito dalla londinese FAB PRESS

“Abel Ferrara, the beginning until today, has made films, TV movies, Video clips, documentaries and royal drama, TV series … as may be defined as multi-faceted career as an author?

Ferrara belongs to a generation of American filmmakers who have to consider a number of options simply in order to keep working. But Ferrara refuses to divide the work up, to regard this project as more or less importamt than that one: he always tries to treat the material with as much seriousness and commitment as possible. I remember him talking to me about how he didn’t think much of the TV pilot THE LONER, but adding (I’m quoting this from memory) “you try to do something (meaning something good) with all these projects”.

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